Beyoncé has posted four times on Instagram this week. And on her website there’s even more – photos of her on tour, backstage, the costume, the crowd shots… by her standards, it’s a lot of social media activity, because she can go months and months without word, especially when she’s in planning mode. Some of those plans have now been revealed though as Club Renaissance is now underway, Beyoncé is back at work, which means she’s giving us content, a generous amount of content, both on stage and off stage. 


Maria mentioned her teasing a hair-care line with this post the other day, and of course it’s well-known by now that Miss Tina used to own a salon, so Beyoncé is not coming at this without experience. Speaking of Tina though, did you see what happened at the show in Brussels on Sunday? 

Miss Tina, aka the Queen Mother, ended up on floor level and ended up getting an assist over the barricades, LOLOLOLOLOL.


The most profitable concert of my life 😂😂 #beyonce #renaissance #brussels #belgium #concert #happymotherday

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Miss Tina is known to do this – stray out of the VVVVIP area and wander among the crowd so that she can get a sense of how the fans are experiencing her daughter’s performance only without a huge team of security. It appears she only had one person with her as she made her way through thousands of people, and I can’t imagine Beyoncé encourages this. But it’s another example of how even Beyoncé can’t stop Miss Tina when she wants to go rogue. 

A few days later at the Cardiff show, it was someone else from the entourage going viral: Julius.


And the closeup of B’s face:

But also his face because he knows it’s not supposed to work like that but also… that’s kinda how it works because every member of the BeyHive knows and loves Julius! After all, it’s been his job – for 15 years now – to keep our Queen safe! Of course we love him. Some people might love him more than they love Jay. 


Julius was with the Carters yesterday in London as they were photographed exiting a restaurant. Early this morning she posted photos from their London date on IG to give us a better look at her outfit. Like I said, she’s been generous. We might be getting a whole summer of this!