First off, my apologies to the great people of Ireland!!!!! Paul Mescal is Irish, not British and some of the emails correcting me were very, very funny. Honestly, I get it. If the United States tried to claim Martin Short I would be pissed. 


Mother’s Day d-r-a-m-a continues for celebrities so let’s talk about Kevin Hart. He included a post to his wife, which is standard. But he included his children that he co-parents with his first wife Torrei Hart. So is this fair as Eniko is a mom and step-mom? I see both sides: leaving the older kids out would be exclusionary because they are a family unit, but to thank another woman (who was the “other woman”) on Mother’s Day when the children have an active, involved mom seems shady AF. The whole thing could have easily been avoided by including them both. Can I tell you my quick opinion on Kevin Hart? He was never funnier than when he was married to Torrei and I think he knows it.


Besides Martha Stewart, Jennifer Meyer was a big winner with this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue because her jewelry is featured multiple times. I like her stuff but it’s really expensive for what it is. 


There is nothing cuter than a gold bracelet on a chubby baby wrist!!! 


Beyoncé has announced a new hair care line and this makes a lot of sense as Ms. Tina owned a salon for many years and both Bey and Solange have talked about how much they learned from her. Do we think it will be shampoos and conditioners, tools, or actual hair? It could be all three. It must be close to ready or we would not be getting the heads up. 

The new And Just Like That… poster looks like AI art. 


Jonathan Bailey was everywhere after the second season of Bridgerton and then took a pause from public appearances and interviews, which is so, so smart as overexposure and backlash is real. He’ll be back soon enough for Wicked.

Many people are mad about Taylor Swift and Matty Healey but everyone needs to admit this is a meme-able relationship. It’s nice to give the Pete Davidson jokes a break. 

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy