Dear Gossips, 

On Tuesday, the day before Meghan Markle’s birthday, as the UK tabloids claimed that she and Prince Harry would be hosting a party, I wrote that what I was most curious about was whether or not Beyoncé would wish Meghan happy birthday on her website. Indeed, the Queen sent her blessings: 


To celebrate her birthday, Meghan released a video yesterday about her 40x40 initiative. Speaking of 40th birthdays though, the Beyoncé Ruby Jubilee is happening in less than a month on September 4th, the Saturday of Labour Day weekend. Social media is always active on Beyoncé’s birthday as celebrities and civilians alike line up to pay tribute to our cultural monarch. But what does Beyoncé have planned? 


Nobody knows. The whole point of Beyoncé’s method is that we don’t know until she’s ready for us to know. And she’s been so quiet lately, even with the release of her latest Ivy Park collection. 

That said, Jay-Z’s Made in America festival is happening that weekend, night one is on Beyoncé’s birthday proper. Will the show become the Beyoncé Ruby Jubilee? A 50,000 strong parade for the Queen? 

Last year, the Carters went to Croatia for her birthday. And she put up a post, “It’s Virgo Season” on her website but otherwise, it was pretty low-key. Would she maintain that energy for her 40th? The thing about Beyoncé’s birthday is that she knows that for the BeyHive, it’s the most important day of the year. She is gifted with loyalty but she gifts back with… Herself. If – and that’s IF, because again, who can know her mind? – she’s planning anything, it’s going to be epic. 

Yours in gossip,