Dear Gossips,

This weekend Beyoncé was in Florida supporting Jay-Z at the Shawn Carter Foundation Gala. And we STILL don’t know who/what she was as for Halloween this year! Remember, Beyoncé and Jay-Z hosted a Halloween party. All kinds of celebrities showed up. No one has revealed what her costume was. Did they all have to sign an NDA?!

In other Beyoncé news… there’s a podcast! The Making Beyoncé podcast premiered its first episode on Friday. It’s a three-part series from WBEZ Chicago, the people who previously brought us Making Oprah and Making Obama, which were excellent, both of them reference podcasts that Duana and I refer to often on Show Your Work. And if you’re familiar with both podcasts, you’ll recall that both Oprah and President Obama participated, they agreed to be interviewed. As Duana and I discussed on our last episode – would Beyoncé participate? 

The answer is … probably no. According to the press release:

“WBEZ Chicago was granted access to the Knowles' family archives of home video recordings that document Beyoncé's formative years. The podcast includes interviews with Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé's father and a record executive best known as manager of Destiny's Child, as well as key producers, dance instructors, and engineers who were there at the very beginning. The podcast also explores the conflicts and disappointments Beyoncé encountered on her journey to stardom.”

Well of course Mathew is involved. Doesn’t sound like Beyoncé or Miss Tina spoke though. Does that make a difference? The thing is, if you listened to Making Oprah or Making Obama, having Oprah and Obama on the series definitely added to the cachet, but they weren’t the ones who provided the most insight on themselves. Rather it was the other people in their circles, on the production teams, on the campaign teams, and friends and advisors, who really shaped the narrative. I feel like it will be the same on Making Beyoncé. But I haven’t listened yet because the episodes drop one week at a time and I’m worried I won’t be able to handle the wait between episodes so I’ve decided I’m waiting until the final episode comes out before I power through all three in one sitting. To listen to Making Beyoncé and/or to listen to Making Oprah and Making Obama if you haven’t already, click here.

Yours in gossip,