It’s tonight. Tonight, the show-within-a-show revival of 90210 drops – I had known a few months ago that indeed it would be a birthday present for me, but I forgot that it was happening, so this was a treat. 

For other shows, obviously the play might be to release a clip or a viral video or something, but this is 90210, you know the song in your bones, and so do I, and the credits, where it was clearly the actors and not the characters who were interacting, were a special insider treat – so this is exactly what it was supposed to be. 


I laughed very hard at “Starring (in alphabetical order)”. This is not the only show to have used that parenthetical in a credit sequence, though the old 90210 of course began with Priestley and Doherty. I love that this credit sequence is pre-emptively squashing any rumours about competitiveness or etc. 

Like I said, we know this song in our bones. We know the beats of it in our bones. So the parts of it that were cut out – they hurt. Like your neck hurts when you sleep wrong, because you’re old now, the pain of the credits changing is absolutely due to the slow march of time. 

Partly they changed them, shortening the song, because they don’t have any extra footage to cut in, of course … but mostly because of Luke Perry. His absence was all over this sequence, and when the song got to the part where he would have been, I was a little hurt that they ‘cut around him’, so to speak, but I was still happy to have been spared the pain. 

Tonight, on the other hand, I think will be mostly joy, and I will be right back here for the decompression (and probably a few tears).