There haven’t been a lot of red carpets, or carpets of any colour, over the last six months. And certainly not very many gala style carpets. Last week was the Emmys which would definitely qualify as a gala but, as we saw, it was virtual. Not really much of a real carpet. There was a carpet in Venice but I feel like it was a Cate Blanchett solo with a cameo from Tilda Swinton for a couple of days.


Last night in Monte Carlo though – there was a carpet! Prince Albert and Princess Charlene hosted the Monte Carlo Gala for Planetary Health last night and honoured Sting. There were several big name celebrities in attendance including Helen Mirren, Johnny Depp, Kate Beckinsale, and Sienna Miller. 

Helen Mirren in this green dress with the complementary jewels and the hair swept up and the matching mask, WOW. Am I reacting like this because it’s been such a drought? Because she is POPPING. 

Matching masks are obviously a thing because Kate’s mask also matches her dress, tricked out in the same pattern. Kate, as we know, loves a glam night. And she’s probably had few of those this year. It was never going to be an ordinary black dress. 

Speaking of black dresses though, this one on Sienna Miller is far from ordinary. Is it rubber, PVC, tape? I Iove the neckline. The sweetheart and all the straps creating the bow. So good. In other Sienna news, it was recently reported that she ended her engagement to Lucas Zwirner. There was a time when Sienna and Johnny Depp would have made sense to me. They’re both single now. Possible?