Duana texted me right after this happened – Zoë Kravitz and Jake Gyllenhaal presented Best Original Song to Billie Eilish and Finneas for “No Time To Die” and after their acceptance speech, this happened: 

Duana’s not usually one for cuteness but this was irresistibly cute – an adorably candid moment between two people who were genuinely thrilled by what had just happened. And, yes, it just so happens that it’s the kind of moment that would appeal to TikTok and the audience that the Academy is so thirsty for, only you can’t engineer it, it just has to reveal itself unplanned and unexpected. 


Did we all want to, after seeing this, be invited to their slumber party and dance around in our pyjamas? Yes. Can you script that into a show? No. So the goal is to create the right set of circumstances to make this more likely. This, then, is an example of a good presenter assignment – it was smart of the Academy to choose Zoë to present this award. 

Now let’s talk about the fashion. Last time Billie went to the Oscars it was two years ago and she had green hair and wore Chanel. She returned as a nominee and a favourite to win and this time it was all black – a dramatic Gucci gown, made even darker by the fact that her hair is so dark right now, minimal on the accessories, but bright and light and so pretty on the makeup. It’s excellent overall styling that both suits her style personality and the occasion. 


At the Vanity Fair party, Billie stayed in black – a short billowy dress with lace-up thigh-high boots, also perfect for her and for the party. 

Zoë’s two options were also well chosen. On the Oscars carpet, it was pink Saint Laurent, Audrey Hepburn vibes, classic Academy Awards energy, and appropriate for her role as a presenter. Like of course you want to be fashionable, you want to look good, but also, this night isn’t about you. 

For Vanity Fair, however, Zoë changed into a slinky high-collar white gown, open at the back. This would have totally worked for the Oscars, but when you have two choices, holding back the white for the party was the right move. Bring the demure and elegant for the award show, save the sizzle for after midnight.