Billie Eilish’s new song and video for “Lost Cause” came out today and the vibe is exactly what we need. Here she goes again, making us all want to be her best friend



The premiere of the video is also the first time we’ve heard the song, with its sultry mood, jazz-inspired riffs, and bass guitar, is on the tracklist for her upcoming album, Happier Than Ever. The lyrics are about what it’s like to realize your love interest doesn’t deserve the effort you put into the relationship but matched in the video with Billie on a fun girls’ trip matching clothes with her friends, sharing endless snacks, and some twerking. Her voice still has that signature soft tone to it, but I think her message about letting loose came across loud and clear. I almost see it as Billie telling us she is tired of holding other people’s opinions higher than hers, and instead, leaning into being young and let loose. In her recent Vogue story, she spoke about how she wants to start focusing on what makes her feel her best self, and this music video is proof of that. 


The reason the video works is because you can tell that she’s having a great time. I’ve come across lots of people who refer to Billie as the girl who generally sings sad songs about heartbreak and pain. Seeing her chill with friends and dancing around in comfy clothes is a side of Billie I’m so happy we get to meet. I’m also a huge fan of the continuity in her new era’s colour palette. All the women in the video are wearing neutral colours throughout, which matches with her album cover, music video for “Your Power”, and her Vogue photoshoot. I don’t think that means Billie’s love for unique looks is completely gone, because Billie loves to innovate. I just think this is a new side of her she is trying to explore, and it’s working. She’s growing up in front of the world, and if she continues to be authentic, that means styles will naturally change.

Watching this video reminded me of Beyonce’s video for “7/11”, so I’m not surprised if it was an inspiration. Although Queen B’s video was much more candid than Billie’s production, it has that same “here’s a look at what it’s like to be my bestie” energy. Both videos give me major FOMO and the urge that we probably all have right now to be free to go off with our friends after a year of no hangs, no sleepovers, no kitchen dance parties. Billie’s video taps into that longing. 

But Billie is not resting. Tickets for Happier Than Ever, The World Tour 2022, recently went on sale, and the album drop on July 30th is just around the corner. I think this music video only reaffirms that she is ready to take this summer – and the music industry – by storm, once again.