Lady Gaga has pushed back the release of her new album Chromatica because of the global health crisis. Chromatica was supposed to come out on April 10 but instead of spending her energy promoting it, over the last few weeks Gaga has instead been hitting up CEO's of Fortune 500 companies and asking them to donate to COVID-19 relief through the One World: Together at Home concert that was broadcast last weekend and ended up raising over $127 million. Again, her leadership on this project has been outstanding. Gaga has been pulling up.


As for Chromatica though, there have been a couple of hiccups. Or are they actually hiccups? 

Chromatica is available for pre-order but a new release date has yet to be announced. Back in March, someone leaked online that the album would feature collaborations with Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK. Today Target posted the track list by mistake before quickly taking it down – but of course people noticed, and now we have confirmation that Ariana and BLACKPINK are indeed included on Chromatica, and Elton John too. 


Of course Ariana Grande and Elton John + Lady Gaga will be an earthshaker. But don’t sleep on BLACKPINK’s contribution to Chromatica and what impact they’ll have on what will likely be a monster success for Mother Monster. 

If you’re a regular visitor here, and if you’re not ARMY, you should at least be familiar with BTS’s achievements and the records they keep setting. BLACKPINK has broken some of BTS’s records. Their fans, called Blinks, are as engaged, as passionate, and as hardworking at BTS’s ARMY. They’re also, unlike ARMY, very, very hungry. It’s been a while since BLACKPINK dropped new music. They were supposed to have a new album out this year and so far it’s been radio silence on its status. Remember, the band has not yet released an LP. They’ve gotten this far and been this successful on only EPs. So there’s a lot of anticipation. It was just a year ago that BLACKPINK became the first K-pop idols to play Coachella – and their set was a smash hit. 


Apparently, if not for the pandemic, Gaga was supposed to show up at Coachella this year and bring on Ariana and BLACKPINK for a surprise. It would have resulted in a Twitter implosion, uniting those three fandoms together all at once. Reason 8,765,143 that COVID-19 sucks. 

But also, something to look forward to. Gaga’s videos are extra AF. BLACKPINK’s videos are…well… extra-er AF. Please let that be in our future. 

As for whether or not these minor stumbles and “leaks” on Gaga’s part are work mistakes, well we’re all cynical now and even if it wasn’t intentional, I don’t know that anyone is mad about what happened today with Target because it just gave them allllll kinds of social publicity. The Blinks have been activated. The Arianators are activated. You can’t buy that kind of buzz.