Dear Gossips,

Last week Lady Gaga released a new song, with video, called “Stupid Love”, the first track off her upcoming album Chromatica.This week she confirmed that it’s dropping April 10 and already there are rumours about possible collaborations. Fans are looking at social media activity and Ariana Grande has been liking several of Gaga’s posts and there’s someone who knows someone who said somewhere that they heard the song and it’s a club banger

But that someone also claims that in addition to Ariana, Gaga will also feature BLACKPINK on Chromatica. The connection is definitely there – outside of Asia, BLACKPINK is repped by Interscope, same label as Gaga. YG Entertainment, the band’s home company in South Korea, issued a statement about the rumour basically saying they couldn’t confirm anything. Which… isn’t a denial. 

So if this true, the Korean takeover continues. Parasite is the reigning Best Picture Oscar winner. BTS is the biggest thing in music right now. And don’t be sleeping on BLACKPINK because they’re actually the most followed band on YouTube right now and the only band in the Top 10 for YouTube subscribers, ahead of even BTS. In fact, last year, BLACKPINK beat BTS to becoming the first Korean band to get to a billion views on YouTube for their video for “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”. And remember, as of this year, YouTube views count towards charting and sales numbers. 

So while a Gaga and BLACKPINK collaboration for sure is advantageous to the group in continuing to grow their western profile, it’s not like Gaga wouldn’t be gaining something either. This is not a case of an American artist doing the Korean artist a favour. It would be a mutually beneficial partnership. And yet another sign that what is considered “popular music” is quickly changing. 

Below – if you haven’t already, please see BLACKPINK in “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”. This is the video that turned me and Sasha into “Blinks” in 2018.

Yours in gossip,