Dear Gossips,   

BLACKPINK made history on Saturday night as the first Korean act to headline Coachella and for many, including western music critics, who have seemed unanimously impressed with their set, it was an introduction to the quality and high production value of a K-pop live event. The visuals, the choreography, THOSE LOOKS… 


Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé put on a big energy spectacle that included drones and fireworks and a team of dancers and a killer band to complement the irresistible stage presence of all four members. For several of my friends, who were watching the livestream and texting me at the same time, it was the thrill of discovery, of experiencing a cultural phenomenon for the first time and excited to be at their own personal beginning – because there’s SO MUCH MORE of it to get caught up on. 

But you didn’t have to be a Blink or a new Blink to appreciate what BLACKPINK was giving on the Coachella stage. As non-Blink festivalgoers can attest to, whether or not you were familiar with the artists and/or the music, it was just a great f-cking show, period. And also? It’s so much fun to watch girl bands! And to see a girl band at this level? On such a huge stage? It was breathtaking! And then to hear this girl band introduce themselves in Korean? And infuse Korean culture all through their performance? Exhilarating!


BLACKPINK wasn’t the only girl band representing though. And not the only girl band with Asian members. Remember The Linda Lindas? 

I posted about The Linda Lindas back in May 2021 when they went viral for being awesome. At the time they were telling a “Racist, Sexist Boy” to go f-ck himself. And now? It’s two years later and they’re on the Sonora Stage at Coachella! And crushed it despite so many tech issues. They’re opening for Blondie this week before going back to Coachella for weekend two. And in the summer they’re playing Lollapalooza. 

BLACKPINK is pure pop. The Linda Lindas are punk rock. There is space in music for all girls who want to jam. 

Yours in gossip,