It was confirmed a couple of weeks ago that BLACKPINK’s new single would feature Selena Gomez. Now we know the name of the track: “Ice Cream”, which was pretty obvious given the artwork that’s already been released. “Ice Cream” comes out August 28, so late Thursday night, early Friday morning. As already mentioned, with the combination of these two fandoms, this is going to be a major music moment. People are already freaking out that all five of them were on a video chat for 10 seconds: 


That was just the first teaser of the week. More will follow – like this one, of Jisoo and a hint at the look we can expect from her when the video drops: 

I love it already. I love clashing prints. And bright clashing prints. I also love that Jisoo’s face completely changes when she smiles. Also… HER SPARKLE FRECKLES! Her freckles are sparkles. Must rip this off immediately. 


As for the video, it looks like Selena will be part of it, presumably filmed separately, because she too is dropping teases: 


Music videos are visual expressions of music. And BLACKPINK video always delivers on the visual. This is a great lip colour on Selena here, a perfect creamy dusty rose that you can probably only achieve by mixing together several shades – pink, taupe, mayyyyybe a hint of berry. That’s what I’ve learned over the years about makeup. Often you’ll never get the exact shade you want with one tube. It’s about figuring out the combination of multiples. 

Strategically this is an excellent move for Selena. You can’t go wrong with a BLACKPINK collaboration, “Ice Cream” is a guaranteed smash hit. And it’s working as a promotional tool for her show on HBO Max, Selena + Chef. It’s a no-lose publicity strategy. In the kitchen, she’s giving people just enough of the personal to expand her brand, her image, her appeal (with a cameo from Taylor Swift). In the studio and with BLACKPINK she’s staying on top of the charts. At 28 years old, Selena Gomez is looking ahead and venturing into new lanes to occupy, while staying strong in her established ones to set up for success and career longevity as she moves into her 30s. 

I wonder then who reached out first – if it was BLACKPINK who made the ask or the other way around.