BLACKPINK x Selena Gomez’s “Ice Cream” landed on the Billboard Hot 100 at #13, the highest position BLACKPINK has achieved to date. And remember, they’ve yet to release a proper full-length album. The Album drops on October 2 and we already know that two of the songs on it, “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream” are bangers – and given us some crazy visuals. There’s more on the way. 


With The Album, BLACKPINK is aiming for major global marketing push. And it’s about time. How long has it been since an all-girl group dominated the culture? It’s been 26 years since Spice Girls came on the scene. Emma, Geri, Mel B, Mel C, and Victoria weren’t just a thing in the UK. They were a thing all over the world. Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé are primed for the same. The songs are fun and catchy and cute. Their choreography is all over social media. The looks are… well… you’ve seen the looks. But what about the dynamic? Their chemistry? Blinks of course have long been well aware of who BLACKPINK is, their personality quirks, their individual points of view. They’re now looking to widen that awareness – on Netflix: 

By now you don’t need it explained what the impact of a show on Netflix can mean. And especially in these times, as Netflix has become even more entrenched in our lives and we’re all going deep into the Netflix library, perhaps beyond our algorithms. I mean, for me, since I watch so many East Asian dramas on Netflix (can’t wait to start the latest one, Record of Youth, but I might give it a few weeks to let the episodes pile up), Light Up The Sky will show up on the first day. For others though, it might be a later discovery…


But they’ll be there, just as their album is making an impact, a documentary with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the making of The Album and from their history-making performance at Coachella in 2019. So this won’t just appeal to the fans of their music, but to fans of work porn. Of pop culture production. And to those curious about the South Korean entertainment ecosystem and their particular – and increasingly successful – star-making process. 

Korean art and artists are making an impact in every entertainment stream, from music to film (Parasite is the reigning Best Picture Oscar winner), to beauty to fashion. I’m obsessed with Minju Kim. Speaking of Netflix, Minju Kim won Netflix’s Next In Fashion series, which premiered earlier this year. If you haven’t yet heard of her, get ready. 

And, of course, get your algorithm ready for BLACKPINK on Netflix. Until then, if you missed it, here are the moves.