The Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week today and the arrival that elicited the most screaming… 

BLACKPINK’s Jennie who’s been a Chanel brand ambassador for the last five years and shutting down a Chanel presentation isn’t new – as Vogue documented last March, she did it for the Fall 2022 show and since then, with the release of the new album, Born Pink, BLACKPINK’s popularity has only become even more intense.


I posted yesterday about Zendaya’s value to the Valentino brand with how she presents the clothes and creates hype for the event and that’s the goal for Chanel with Jennie. They of course are aware of Jennie and BLACKPINK’s impact on social media and within minutes of Jennie pulling up today, she delivered. Conversation about Jennie at Chanel is exploding across Twitter and TikTok right now and Blinks would have been paying attention anyway but the outfit was made to go viral and her entrance was made to go viral. 

It’s an amazing dress, it’s meant to create a moment – white with the logo tricked out all over it, one shoulder, and the jacket over top. Then…those boots. Perfectly suited to her and her status as a global popstar, it’s one of the most memorable looks from the PFW this season. Unfortunately, and frustratingly, our photo agencies haven't released many photos of her. 


And where Valentino had Zendaya and Florence Pugh, Chanel came with Jennie and Kristen Stewart. 

Kristen is now wearing one of the most polarising hair trends – the wolf cut, it’s perfect for her, she looks amazing in this hairstyle. But there’s a certain connection here to her hair and her hang with Jennie: the wolf cut came from the DNA of the mullet…but it’s updated for these times and it has K-pop origins. Korean idols have been wolf cutting for years. 


The best wolf cut right now, in my opinion, is Suga’s. Look at these beautiful layers. Between Kristen and Suga I have so much hair envy right now.