If that name means nothing to you, watch A Simple Favor and fix your life. Blake Lively is in Rome, filming A Simple Favor 2. Last month, she was in Capri with Anna Kendrick and new co-star Michele Morrone. 


Lainey wondered if A Simple Favor qualifies as a cult classic, and I think it does. It was not a hit when it was released in 2018, but it developed a devoted fanbase, and failure followed by adoration is the formula for a cult classic. And based on Blake’s elaborately styled Roman wardrobe, I don’t think they’re skimping on resources for this film—the aesthetic is a large part of the pleasure of A Simple Favor.


But will that devoted fanbase drive more success toward the sequel? It doesn’t always work that way with cult movies, and sequels to comedies are hard. The bar here, though, is somewhat lowered by the fact that A Simple Favor 2 will be a streaming movie for Prime Video, so it’s not like it has to go out and make $100 million (which the first film did not). It just has to bring eyeballs to Prime’s app, and hopefully inspire them to buy more paper towels from Amazon. 

In this instance, I’m not complaining, I love A Simple Favor, and I’m stoked for a sequel. I am looking forward to this WAY more than I am than that depressing as hell domestic violence drama Blake has coming out later this summer. Also, it just dawned on me that the reason Blake Lively has been missing red carpet events in the US is because she’s been in Italy filming this movie for the last two months. Duh.