Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds attended the world premiere of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu in New York last night and it was also the world premiere of their third pregnancy. Blake wore yellow, on theme, and of course news that they’re expecting another child is making headlines around the world, a bonus for the movie opening next week as it hopes Avengers: Endgame will slow down by then. (A LOT of people are going to see Endgame this weekend. Box Office Mojo is forecasting a $153 million SECOND WEEKEND box office take!)

Back to Blake and Ryan – they’re also expected at the Met Gala on Monday and the theme is camp. Blake is always a write-off at the Met Gala because even when she observes the theme, it all just comes down to a gown. You know what would qualify as camp though? If Ryan shows up in his Deadpool costume. Or, I guess, as Pikachu, which would probably be the more timely approach. 

I don’t love Blake’s sparkly dress last night – yellow can be a tricky colour to work with because if the material isn’t luxe, the whole thing can easily look cheap, which is what’s happening here, especially the sash. Interesting choice with the hair though, to have it done in that tight of a curl. You remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned how bad Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow hair was in Iron Man 2? The problem with that hair was that they curled and sprayed each section and didn’t release the sections to blend together. Or they did but they didn’t maintain it and sometimes that can happen, when you curl straight hair and you brush through it with your fingers, the hair often wants to go back into its curled sections, like little tunnels. This is not what’s happening with Blake. Her hair obviously had to be curled in individual sections, but they’ve done a good job making sure the sections merged together so that you can’t see how and where the heat was applied. It looks really good.