Brad Pitt was photographed yesterday in Beverly Hills leaving an office building after a long meeting or shoot. It’s unclear what he was doing but he is still in production for Bullet Train, which started shooting in November. Director David Leitch has been sharing some photos from set – here’s the most recent one: 


I’m pretty sure that’s Brad’s forearm. He’s hashtagged in the caption and as weird as this is to say… Brad Pitt has pretty recognisable forearms. At least I always notice them, because he has attractive forearms. Because in addition to eating a lot in his movies, he also rolls up his shirtsleeves a lot! The best example of this, of course, is Mr & Mrs Smith. There’s a lot of Brad forearm action in Mr & Mrs Smith. But also in the Oceans franchise. Is it just me? Am I the only freak who’s been tracking Brad Pitt’s forearms? 

In these new pictures, the focus is not on forearms but on his hair, specifically his ponytail. But more specifically, for me anyway, his low ponytail. I was just talking about this recently - the trend in men’s ponytails. The young studs wear them higher – here are some examples: 


Let’s get in a Tottenham mention – Gareth Bale’s pony is high and long:

I feel like the male long pony these days is a little old school? I mean, Brad Pitt is in his 50s so, yeah, he is old school. But he’s also got that trying to stay young vibe so… maybe someone can suggest the low pony to him? Or would that be received like Harrison Ford and his earring?