I have always said that celebrities, who we gossip about, are often the biggest gossips. They gossip about each all the f-cking time. For the most part, when in public, they’re quick to disparage it and accuse media outlets and tabloids and paparazzi and Twitter or whatever of too much gossiping but among themselves? They’re talking sh-t, on set, on Zoom, whenever and wherever they hang – no matter the gender. By the way, when I say talking sh-t, sometimes that’s trashing or backstabbing but sometimes it’s just your garden variety Gawker Stalker style “do you know who I saw at the thing? OMG they were wearing this!” 


And that’s what happened on television last night between Rob Lowe and James Corden. Rob, it turns out, doesn’t mind being known for gossip, and he’s doing the work of gossip by sharing it with the rest of us. Also, yes, he still looks great, chiselled, tanned, and clearly cares about good lighting. 

Anyway, Rob gets to the gossip early in the conversation, naturally, because when we gossip, we can’t wait to drop the gossip load. He tells James that he just saw Prince Harry in the car. He says he’s been waiting to see Harry because they live in the same neighbourhood and that he has a scoop: Harry is wearing his hair in a ponytail now?! At least that’s what Rob says it looked like. LOL. 

James is understandably skeptical. Because…does Harry have enough hair to get it into a ponytail? When James once again doubts that Rob saw what he saw, Rob doubles down and insists it was Harry because he followed him to make sure he was going to where he and Meghan live. 


Rob Lowe coming through with the evidence!

I think? 

I mean, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Meghan and Harry on camera in real time and not a pre-tape situation. And he’s not a senior royal anymore so he can wear whatever the f-ck he wants. So it’s possible he’s had some help with the LA nature and wellness teas and vitamins to get the hair growth. My question is…

IF – and that’s a big IF, I know – Harry is indeed wearing his hair in a ponytail, is it a high pony? Like Jungkook…? 

Or a low ponytail… like this?

Orlando Bloom, 2006

The high pony is more on trend for men right now. Is Harry’s pony on trend or old school? Again, if he has a pony at all. Which… I really, really hope Rob Lowe’s gossip is accurate because MY GOD the British tabloids will lose their f-cking minds over this.