Last October, Brad Pitt attended the Silverlake Conservatory of Music annual benefit which was founded by Flea. Brad knows Flea through artist Thomas Houseago and he was there with the Red Hot Chili Peppers holistic healer Sat Hari Khalsa. Click here for a refresher. That led to speculation that Brad and Sat were dating. PEOPLE subsequently reported that while the two were close, they weren’t romantically involved. Is that…still the case? 

On Wednesday night, following the premiere of Ad Astra, Brad was seen leaving the after-party with Sat Hari. Of course it’s not unusual for him to have friends support him and celebrate his latest film. I’m sure there were other friends there. Sometimes when certain names keep popping up, it’s a coincidence. Sometimes, though, certain names keep popping up for a reason. 

Anyway, you know what today is? September 20 is a big day in Gossip History. Brange was one of the most important couples in Gossip History. Their split was…like, if I could I would make a documentary about that day, because by gossip standards, it was a nuclear event. I work for a broadcaster and the first two floors deal with on air breaking news programs. Those of us who work on the entertainment side were paralysed for the first five minutes, walking around in shock, and then it was straight up panic and mayhem as we raced to update all our platforms and repackage the shows. And amidst all this, I had to write the post(s) for this site, while rehearsing for both The Social and etalk, and – it sounds crazy to say – processing the…grief? 

It’s a weird word to use, I know, for two people we don’t know. But when you spend over a decade covering a relationship, you develop your own sort of relationship to the relationship. Does this make me a loser? Probably. Totally pathetic. But if I were to run a word count of all the times I’ve written about them on this site alone over the last 15 years, it would probably amount to over 100,000, possibly more. That’s a lot of words that came out of my head about one of the culture’s most significant love affairs, one that sparked so many conversations about love and partnership, fidelity, heartbreak and separation, parenting, media strategy, and fame management. 

Brange…not forever but never forgotten.