Brad Pitt stepped out in LA on Saturday night in support of the Silverlake Conservatory of Music annual benefit and art auction, raising money for music education and programs. Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers founded the organisation and Brad knows Flea through artist Thomas Houseago, with whom he seemed to be apprenticing last year when he was frequently seen at an art studio working on his sculptures.

Entertainment Tonight has a photo of Brad from the event and while they don’t mention it, the woman sitting next to him is jewellery designer and holistic therapist Sat Hari. There are other photos of them talking and laughing together during the fundraiser and also, it seems, either heading into the venue or leaving together. And The Hollywood Reporter makes brief mention of it in their coverage as well, reporting that Brad “attended the event with natural healer Sat Hari”. Sat Hari toured with the Chili Peppers several years ago as their holistic nurse. As you may have heard, Anthony Kiedis is famously obsessed with clean living and eating. So there are all kinds of connections here – and maybe one more: 
Jennifer Aniston has worn some of her pieces, although that seems to have happened not because she and Jen know each other but because Jen’s stylist and makeup artists put those outfits together. 

So… is this just a simple friendship, nothing more? Or… ?

Here’s Brad on the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Margaret Qualley and Lena Dunham. Margaret (who worked on The Leftovers with Justin Theroux), by the way, is definitely Brad’s type. She was dating Cary Fukunaga as of last year but there have been no updates since then.