Angelina Jolie stepped out this weekend and so did Brad Pitt. He was at the LACMA Art + Film gala. Because he’s a major arts patron. Even from the Jennifer Aniston days we heard about his involvement in art. And supposedly he’s been working on his own piece - a sculpture which is why he was seen at a studio a few months ago, forlornly working out his sadness through his creativity. Or at least that’s what we were told through the paps and the subsequent articles that accompanied those photos.

While the paps - or one pap agency specifically - were able to get shots of Brad being arty, it has been over a year since he’s been seen in public with his children. He only sees them privately, OK? He doesn’t exploit them like other people, OK? Sure. But that was never a problem when he and Angelina were married.

As we’ve seen, Angelina’s doing the award circuit right now and likely will be for the next few months. Does that mean Brad avoids the circuit completely? In the previous post about Angelina, I wondered about the presenting strategy where Angelina is concerned at the award shows. And what great gossip we might get if say, a Julia Roberts or even a Gwyneth Paltrow happens to be presenting her category. Or if they would refuse to present her category. Here’s the ultimate gossip fantasy: what if Brad Pitt is invited to present at the Oscars. And he presents the Best Foreign Film category?