It’s been exactly two months since Brad Pitt was photographed arriving in France and heading to Chateau Miraval with model Nicole Poturalski at which point everybody started rewinding and it turns out they’ve been hanging out since at least last November when they sat next to each other at Kanye West’s Sunday Service. And then more details emerged – like the fact that Nicole, 27, is married to and shares a child with German businessman Roland Mary, 68, and that they supposedly have an open marriage. Which probably went over really well with Brad’s MiniVan Majority fanbase. 


Earlier this week Nicole was seen with Roland and a group of friends in Berlin – the Daily Mail has the photos– prompting a new round of reporting on how their marriage has remained strong despite Brad’s … involvement. Which then resulted in multiple outlets reporting yesterday that it’s over between Brad and Nicole. 

Page Six, E! News, and Us Weekly are all lining up to tell us that Brad and Nicole are no more, that their “brief romance” has come to an end. 

Coincidence or conspiracy? 

Open marriages, younger women, older men, these are not the kinds of headlines Brad Pitt wants to be a part of, even though, well, it’s not like anyone conjured Nicole’s presence at his side on his way to Chateau Miraval, you know? 


But clearly this is the message: he is no longer dating Nicole. Until, you know, the next time he has to be in Europe and is looking for company. Or, maybe, since he has no plans to be in Europe any time soon, he doesn’t need a European hookup for now? Deux Moi posted this rumour yesterday:

Deux Moi's Brad Pitt rumour

Maria’s been sharing some of Deux Moi’s content over the last few months but if you’re not familiar with Deux Moi, The Cut just posted an article about it. Deux Moi stresses that they have no way of verifying what people send them so this, again is a rumour, but everybody in Hollywood is paying attention to that account right now and again, it’s not the kind of story that Brad Pitt wants to be a part of. How he managed to get himself in this story is…well… kind of cliché, non? Even if this is bullsh-t, it’s not like we haven’t been told this kind of thing from time: older men, younger women, companionship.

But the point is, he would like to be removed from this narrative. So as far as the MiniVan Majority is concerned, he’s not with Nicole anymore and they can wish upon the Jennifer Aniston star for that reunion to happen again. Pretty much guaranteed that some tabloid will fictionalise in their next issue that Brad realised how much he missed Jen after their flirty exchanges during the Fast Times at Ridgemont High virtual read and broke up with Nicole so that he could pursue Jen. They’ll be married again by Christmas.