Well sh-t. When’s the last time you saw Brad Pitt on a talk show? Not doing a bit like the weather or a bit with Colbert when they’re looking up at a fake sky or yodeling with Jimmy Fallon or walking across Jimmy Kimmel’s stage for a 60 second appearance but a proper, conventional sitting-down-answering-questions-in-front-of-a-live audience talk show interview? It’s been a while. And if it’s anyone who’d get him, it would be Ellen. Ellen is the safest, softest place to land. 

And Brad Pitt has made an appearance on Ellen. He doesn’t walk out like most guests though. We find Brad sitting in the audience instead. He’s a man of the people, you know? This is the point here. The point of the whole chat – that he’s the ultimate American man, casual, comfortable, pumped up when people get free sh-t, goofy and funny and, of course, SO handsome. This was a charm offensive. He is laying on the charm, he is backing up the truck and the charm is pouring out like concrete, like he has something to bury. So let’s ignore the awkwardness of the part where, at the beginning, Brad stays in the audience while Ellen does her first segment about kids going back to school and, um, he has kids who are going back to school and his oldest kid who went off to university but… whatever, not what we’re supposed to be thinking about. 


Brad continues hooting and hollering from his spot in the audience, even as the first guest, Sean Hayes comes on stage – and that’s actually a good joke, the fact that Brad Pitt, BRAD PITT, isn’t the first guest but sitting in the audience, watching Sean Hayes be interviewed, and of course Sean can’t continue because he’s so distracted by Brad so he gives up his spot for Brad and sits in Brad’s seat instead. 


And that’s just the first block.

From there they go on to talk about when they met and how Ellen might have hit on Brad’s girlfriend at the time and then Ellen reveals that she actually dated one of his girlfriends and …naturally, we end up at Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, and dogs, and whether or not Brad works out:


We’re still not done. Next up is Dax Shepard’s crush on Brad and a montage of all the times Dax has said to Ellen that he loves Brad. Then we take a walk through Brad’s career and all of his past jobs. 


Obviously the immediate project to promote is Ad Astra. So they discuss that film…and at the end, Brad asks Ellen about the giveaways so then everyone pops off when they’re told they all get to come back for the giveaway show. 


It’s a lot of talk show Brad. A LOT of talk show Brad. Any more talk shows in Brad Pitt’s future? Brad, as we know, as we’ve been saying the last couple of months, is a strong contender for a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his performance in OUATIH – it’s the best part of the film, at least to me. It may be his best chance at an Oscar. And it would seem like he is really going for it. Like GOING for it. 

Here's Brad promoting Ad Astra in Tokyo.