Oh look. Just when I thought yesterday that we wouldn’t be able to stretch the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston SAG Awards reunion any further, he’s giving the story at least another day! 

Brad was in Santa Barbara yesterday accepting the Maltin Modern Master Award and was asked about everyone melting down over the pictures of him and Jen and all their moments that night which became the top entertainment story of the week, with even other celebrities hoping for a reconciliation and the entire gossip industry celebrating another decade of one of the most enduring gossip narratives of our time. 

Even though, literally, the whole world was all about it, Brad says…he’s "unaware”, telling ET that

"I don't know. I'm blissfully naïve and I'm gonna stay that way."

Oh please. He allowed himself to be filmed while watching her accept her SAG. And he knew there were photographers all over the place and people holding up their phones when he and Jen greeted each other. And he himself – MULTIPLE TIMES – has cracked jokes about how any time any woman is seen with him, she’s assumed to be his lover! He said it! He said it on stage during an acceptance speech!

Stop. There is no way he’s blissfully naïve. He might not be googling himself every five minutes but he had to have known what the reaction would be. He could not have possibly imagined that that would go down between him and Jen and everyone would be like, shrug, whatever, let’s talk about Parasite instead. As IF. 

F-ck you, Lainey, what else is he supposed to say? Well, actually, he’s been saying a lot – a lot of things that work better than “I’m blissfully naïve”. For the last few weeks, every time he’s had a microphone in his hand or face, he’s been entertaining us so much with what he says. Brad Pitt is award season 2020’s speech MVP. We just did an episode of Show Your Work on it. He’s out here making Titanic jokes, foot fetish jokes, he’s revealing that Bradley Cooper got him sober, he’s mocking his own love life – what else is he supposed to say? Put it this way, he’s very good right now at saying good things. And he was at it again last night during his Q&A with Leonard Maltin, talked about getting old and came up with another solid quote:

"I can't do night shoots anymore. And I'll gladly hand a stunt over to a stunt man. I no longer remember the first rule of Fight Club."

See? Don’t tell me he can’t do better than “blissfully naïve”. He’s already set his own standard.