Brad Pitt’s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night wasn’t an interview. It was closer to what he was doing with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show – although it wasn’t pre-taped and happened in front of a live audience. Does that still mean that Brad Pitt doesn’t really do late night television? Not conventionally at least. Let’s start with the sketch first:

So here’s the “Brad can be silly!” portion of the Make Brad Pitt Great Again show. Brad is such a big star that you can tell from the audience reaction that they’re pretty into seeing this side of him. But… it’s too long, non? Easily could have been trimmed by 2 minutes and we would have had the same result.

Note the angle though, the lying-down angle. One of the most flattering angles. This is why you see it so often on Instagram and Snapchat. I mean I don’t think Brad Pitt’s team was like, Hey Colbert, make sure Brad’s shot when he’s lying down for the most flattering angle. But I also think they probably didn’t mind when the idea was pitched to him because it’s a bonus to be shot at that angle. Don’t tell me Brad Pitt, with his collection of tinted sunglasses and the subtle way he’s presented his body to us over the years wouldn’t know that. Actors are just as vain as actresses, sometimes even more.

As for Brad’s pants – well they’re noticeably baggier since he’s lost weight and he hasn’t had time to go shopping for a new wardrobe, OK? Brad’s been busy getting lost in his art, working in his soul, and seeing his children when he can. Caring about tailoring his clothes and being fashionable isn’t a priority right now, don’t you get it? And showing up in New York City all tricked out in custom suits and fresh gear doesn’t fit the image.