Brad Pitt is currently promoting Bullet Train and the press tour is in Europe right now. On the weekend he showed up in Paris in a peach coloured pantsuit. Today he’s in Berlin and he’s wearing pink. He does look good. He’s cut his hair a bit, he has a tan – he’s bringing the full force of his Brad Pitt-ness to this promotional push. And…that also works as a distraction for his other sh-t. 


Let me just repost this brilliant tweet from last month by the always brilliant Angelica Jade Bastien:

“Brad Pitt remains the most cunning with his star image” – and that was, at the time, in reference to his interview with his ex-fianceé Gwyneth Paltrow, evoking all kinds of gossip nostalgia, to sell his ludicrously priced sweaters for Father’s Day, while making headlines for suing his ex-wife over the sale of her share of the Chateau Miraval winery. 


A movie star’s star image is directly related to appearance, especially a movie star like Brad Pitt who has, for 30 years now, been considered one of the most handsome and desirable celebrities Hollywood has ever produced. And he is leaning into that hard right now…despite cultivating a reputation that he doesn’t care about all that noise – that he’s more Ozark energy than Los Angeles energy, that he isn’t vain, doesn’t care about looking good, that there isn’t a Kardashian in him. Well, at least they come by their vanity honestly. But the thing with Brad Pitt is that it works… because his beauty is a weapon. When he looks like this in the summer sun, you might be inclined to not ask the questions Sarah was asking the other day about his involvement in She Said, the film about how Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey broke the Harvey Weinstein scandal in the New York Times: 

But he’s so good looking and charismatic and a little mysterious and nothing ever was his fault, there’s always a bitch trying to take a hot man down. 

You know what the scary question is? If Harvey Weinstein looked like Brad Pitt… would we have believed the women?