At 840pm in Dubai tonight, Brad Pitt’s face will appear on the Burj Khalifa. He’s now the celebrity ambassador for De’Longhi, the Italian coffee brand. The partnership was announced at the beginning of this month and if you go to their IG account, his face is all over their feed. The videos for Brad’s search for “Perfetto” hilariously (at least to me) tap into Brad’s personal brand. Brad Pitt is the coolest, haven’t you heard? He rides a motorcycle along the Pacific Coast Highway and searches for elegance in every moment, even in the way he scatters the coffee beans artistically into the coffee maker. 


While Brad’s now with De’Longhi, for a long time, George Clooney has been associated with Nespresso. So now we have a brewing celebrity coffee war (ha! And sorry, I couldn’t help it). Maybe it’ll be written into one of the scenes in their new movie. Maybe they can call it The Coffee War. 


As reported by The Hollywood Reporter a few days ago, a new project starring and produced by both Brad and George has resulted in one of the biggest bidding wars of the year. The film will be co-produced, written, and directed by Jon Watts (he’s directed all of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies). Plot details are being kept secret but according to THR, “it is understood to tell the tale of two lone wolf fixers assigned to the same job”. 

So Pitt and Clooney are moving into the De Niro/Pacino stage of their careers. I can’t be the only one who’s making this connection. 

Remember Heat? Brad and George might not be playing cops and robbers in this new project but the premise is the same: two major Oscar-winning movie stars going head-to-head. Heat gave audiences what’s considered a legendary scene in cinema, when Robert De Niro and Al Pacino meet face-to-face in a restaurant to basically tell each other that they wouldn’t back down. It’s tense and taut and restrained, it’s two acting masters giving it back, cut for cut, and apparently they didn’t even rehearse it beforehand because they both knew how critical that moment would be, they wanted to bring everything they had for the real thing. 


That was 1995. Nearly 30 years later, this is what you’re looking for if you’re making a movie featuring Brad Pitt and George Clooney as adversaries. And this is what you’re paying for if you’re one of the multiple bidders trying to land this project. Maybe, then, that key scene will happen over coffee. De’Longhi over Nespresso. 

Here’s Brad, conveniently with what looks like a coffee in hand, shooting Damien Chazelle’s Babylon in LA yesterday.