First any carpet, actually. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have both been at the Met Gala together. But they’ve never walked the carpet at the Met Gala together. It’s only taken them three years and a child. I’m curious about what this means. A Star Is Born comes out in October. As mentioned last week, the film is generating Oscar buzz already after its presentation at CinemaCon. Bradley has been pretty undercover the last couple of years in pre and post-production and now that we’re getting closer and closer to its release, with a possible Oscar campaign behind it, he won’t be keeping it so low profile anymore. There will be photo shoots and interviews. There will be appearances. There will be more red carpets and premieres. Will Irina be part of that process? Now that they’ve finally navigated their first red carpet, will this become a habit? 

Irina is wearing Atelier Versace. By her Met Gala report card, it’s a good look. Let me remind you of her Met Gala past. This was in 2016, the year of Fashion & Technology. Terrible.  

This was 2015, China: Through The Looking Glass. Even worse.

As you can see, by comparison then, it’s an improvement. It’s still not all that remarkable, but it’s an improvement. 

Where did Bradley Cooper’s hot go though? Have I asked this question before?