Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born was initially scheduled for the end of September this year. Then they moved it up to May. When that happened, I wondered if they maybe weren’t as confident in it as they’d hoped to be. But then they moved it again…to October. Which is award season. And after that they screened a trailer at CinemaCon in Vegas that resulted in all kinds of hype. Some people were even crying. Which kicked off all kinds of early Oscar buzz. 

That trailer has finally been released to the public. And… 

Now I get it. I totally get the hype. This is a really, really well cut trailer. It’s one of the best cut trailers of the year. It’s the kind of trailer that makes you want to go see a movie, and not a movie about superheroes. Also? It’s a really, really smart trailer. Because you know what they do here, right off the top? Instead trying to build the anticipation, they give us the answer to the question immediately: can Bradley Cooper sing? 


That’s the first thing they check off at the beginning. So now that that’s out of the way, we can focus on the story – about a man who’s over it and a woman who’s just getting started. It’s the chemistry between Bradley and Lady Gaga that will carry this movie and it’s this chemistry that still may ultimately not be enough to keep them together. Maybe that’s why people were crying in Vegas. Love, sometimes, isn’t enough when people are living in different directions. But all of that only works if you care enough about these two and how they care about each other, which, already in just two minutes, they’ve been able to do. 

I’m impressed. Are you?