If there was a celebrity relationship that emerged this fall that I would describe to be “on steroids”, it wouldn’t be Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid. It would, of course, be Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. But here we are, with Page Six citing a very descriptive source who says that what BCoop and Gigi have is “on steroids” and that it’s “getting serious very quickly” and “they are together every day”. 


This source apparently has a lot to say. Because in addition to the steroid comment, they also added that:

“Bradley is getting older. At some point he might say, ‘I like getting up and seeing her face, and having a cup of coffee with her.'”

Who is this person, LOL? Would any friend of Bradley Cooper put it all the way out there that he’s “getting older” when he’s dating a woman literally 20 years younger than he is?

And the source’s verbosity doesn’t end there. They’re also offering up some insight on why Bradley is so into Gigi – as IF this was a mystery to anyone. But no, don’t assume it’s because she’s beautiful, OK? Because the source wants us to know that it’s more than just her looks: 

“He finds her intellectually interesting”…said no real intellectual ever


This is a stupid combination of words that could only be uttered by someone trying to sound intellectual when they aren’t. And they’re going out of their way to assure people that Bradley isn’t like Leonardo DiCaprio who considers age and appearance more important than the mind when it comes to his romantic preferences. 

As for what’s actually going on between BCoop and Gigi – they went to a play last week and then on Saturday he met up with Gigi after her night out with Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and the others. So far he hasn’t yet joined Taylor and Gigi at a Travis Kelce football game, because the Kelce he would probably much rather watch is Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles play Kansas City on Monday, November 20. Taylor is not performing that day. Maybe that’s when they’ll be in the suites together cheering for their respective Kelces. And Gigi will be in Eagles green and Taylor will be in KC red and it’ll be a perfect pre-American Thanksgiving gossip feast. Let’s will this into reality. 

Attached - Bradley out in New York yesterday and Gigi leaving her Guest in Residence store on the weekend.