Here are some new shots of Bradley Cooper in New York yesterday. Bradley’s maintained a low public profile for about two years now but behind the scenes, there’s a lot of work that’s been happening and we’re about to see the results of that work quite soon. Guillermo Del Toro’s Nightmare Alley is coming out during the holidays, after Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza at American Thanksgiving. These are two major directors and two highly anticipated films. In the first, Bradley is the lead. In the second, Bradley has a supporting role. And since the Oscar races still look wide open this award season, Bradley is being talked about as a possibility for both Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. 


While Nightmare Alley is Guillermo Del Toro’s first film since his multiple Oscar-winning The Shape of Water, I wonder if BCoop’s better chance will be for Licorice Pizza. Because for Hollywood and Oscar voters, Licorice Pizza just might be more accessible. Bradley is playing a Hollywood person with a Hollywood reputation, Jon Peters, and as Sarah wrote in her post when the trailer came out, he may be the standout in this film – and that’s often the winning formula in the supporting Oscar category. Especially now that we’ve seen a glimpse of his performance – this is not a restrained Bradley Cooper, this is Bradley dialing up to 14, seemingly the kind abandon that audiences and Oscar voters love. They also love PTA, one of those directors people are almost religious about. 

So we could be looking at a crowded A list award season over the next few months. If Bradley will contend in supporting, it’s possible he’ll be doing that alongside his friend Ben Affleck – and both of them are glowed up right now! BCoop looks good, non? Hair is a good length and could even go slightly longer in time for promotion, like how he wore it in The Hangover. I think that’s my preferred BCoop hairstyle, and he’s about two or three weeks from it now, just in time for promotion.   

Also attached - BCoop stopping by a bake sale the other day in New York.