This continues to be a very quiet year for Bradley Cooper. He and Irina Shayk had their first child. He directed his first movie, a remake of A Star Is Born. They recently pushed the release date up to May. Cannes is a possibility. Here are Bradley and Irina with their baby and dog out at Underwood Family Farms the other day. I guess the paps must hang out there a lot.

In Hollywood there’s been one big story that has dominated the landscape over the last couple of weeks. So many people who’ve worked with Harvey Weinstein have spoken out about the sexual abuse and harassment revelations. Bradley Cooper has worked with Harvey Weinstein. Sure, he’s under no official obligation to say anything. But he has come up in the conversation.

Did you read Marianne Garvey’s piece last week for the NY Daily News? She was the paper’s gossip columnist for four years. She’s been in Harvey’s orbit. She’s been yelled at by him – either directly or through his assistants, while he yelled in the background. According to Marianne, Harvey “liked to mention Bradley Cooper a lot. He seemed to be obsessed with him”. Bradley was evidently Harvey’s go-to whenever Harvey wanted to impress someone, or tempt them, Marianne isn’t sure. Like Quentin Tarantino though, Bradley has certainly benefitted by being associated with Harvey. Perhaps not quite so prolifically, but there was definitely a mentor-mentee vibe between them. Some of you have emailed me, several times, shouting about what Jennifer Lawrence said and how she worked with Harvey and what she knew and what she didn’t know. Interestingly, no one has emailed me about Bradley Cooper and Harvey Weinstein.

Bradley Cooper is a Warner Bros favourite. Ben Affleck is too. There’s been a lot of focus on how the actors have been handling the Harvey situation. What about the studios though? What about studio executives, studio HEADS, who have been working with Harvey for 30 years? Those relationships need to be explored too. In fact, they should probably be explored with even more scrutiny. Because that’s where all the money is.