A lot of people last night were mentioning (or at least alluding to) Silver Linings Playbook because of Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper was at the Super Bowl cheering on his home team the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles were also part of the story in Silver Linings Playbook. There was a tailgaiting scene. They bet on the Eagles games. There are many people wearing Eagles jerseys throughout the film. So, seeing Bradley Cooper mascot for Philly was pretty hilarious. And we don’t even have to work too hard to forget that Harvey Weinstein produced that movie. 

Bradley Cooper was born under the sign of the Tiger in Chinese zodiac. We’ll get to the Squawking Chicken’s Tiger advisory for the Year of the Dog in a few days. But here’s an advance tip for Tigers since we’re talking about Coop. Chinese New Year is on February 16th but, technically, the previous year, in this case the Year of the Rooster, ended on February 3 and the Year of the Dog officially began yesterday, February 4th. I know this is complicated, which is why I try to avoid making the distinction every year because of the way Chinese culture combines the lunar and solar calendars, but for the purposes of this post, all you need to know is that yesterday was the first day of the Year of the Dog. And during the Year of the Dog, Tigers are luck-bringers. As in they will bring luck to other people. If you believe then, you might say that Bradley Cooper the Tiger was the Eagles’ lucky charm last night. 

Bradley was at the Super Bowl with Irina Shayk. I posted about them last week, leaving a medical building that specialised in pregnancy looking happy. They’re still happy. I mean last night’s happiness had nothing to do with whatever that appointment was about. But, overall, the gossip update is that Coop and Irina are solid.