I’m still laughing about Jezebel’s Thirsty 30 from the other day. Bradley Cooper was ranked #22 and while that’s not super high on the list, the fact that he’s been included is what’s funny because, of course, as we’ve seen, Bradley’s fronting like he’s not thirsty AF for that Oscar, keeping a low profile, staying away from most of the events, and STILL we all know he wants it bad. 

Bradley’s Oscar chances, that he supposedly doesn’t care about, just got significantly better today with the Screen Actors Guild nominations. A Star is Born was nominated in four major categories – Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, and Ensemble. The Ensemble category is the SAG equivalent of Best Picture and it was thought that ASIB was looking at some strong competition from Vice. Vice, however, came in with nominations for Christian Bale and Amy Adams, but did not make the Ensemble which is a surprise. Vice is considered a stronger ensemble, a truer ensemble, than ASIB. ASIB is, really, between two characters. This is probably a concern for the Vice Oscar campaign. They’ll have to hope that the Academy will swing like they did last year. Remember, The Shape of Water was not nominated for SAG Ensemble but went on to win Best Picture at the Oscars. For Bradley and ASIB, though, for now, it means they’ve extended their lead. My question remains the one I posed yesterday – he took Suki Waterhouse to the Oscars. Is Irina Shayk going to join him this year? 

Here’s Bradley yesterday promoting A Star is Born in Tokyo. I wonder if someone told him that the Japanese audience likes a clean shave. Because that is a FRESH shave. That is not a Jackson Maine shave. Some dudes look great with zero facial hair. Is Bradley Cooper one of those dudes? 

Interestingly, his facial hair isn’t the topic of conversation from this appearance. It’s the way he’s wearing his suit. This blue suit. Specifically the suit jacket. It’s two buttons and he’s done up the bottom one which is a “cardinal sin” of men’s fashion. Bradley’s never heard of the cardinal sin, I guess. All he knows is his craft. That’s all he cares about. He’s not here to wear a suit properly, OK? He’s here to tell the story and be true to the character and connect with the emotion and honour the art. Sean Penn approved this message.