Breaking news in fashion… Law Roach posted on Instagram that he is retiring. And it seems like there’s some drama because he alludes to “lies and false narratives” so something is up and it’ll be interesting to see whether or not we’ll get more details in the coming days. 


As for whether or not this has to do with Zendaya, his most famous collaborator, and the reason this is such a big story, because the looks that they have given us have, truly, been a major force in pop culture – I don’t think so, since he expresses his gratitude for people who have “trusted me with their image” and refers to the “business” that has disappointed him. Someone betrayed him. Will we ever know who? More on this situation as it develops. 

TRACEE. ELLIS. ROSS. At the Vanity Fair Oscar party. In an outfit that won the Vanity Fair Oscar party. This is how you serve! (Cele|bitchy) 


Nicolette Sheridan says that Bravo wants her to go from Desperate Housewives to Real Housewives and, well, from their perspective I can see why. There’s a Harry Hamlin connection. I don’t watch any of these shows but I do know how popular they are and I also know the producers are good at what they do for the market they are serving. (Dlisted) 

I LOOOOOOVE this look on Hunter Schafer. She was at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. The outfit was a top and a skirt. But not just any top. The top was… a feather, held together with very thin bands, strategically placed. Very few people could pull this off and on most people I would say, nope, this is not fashion. On Hunter though? It is absolutely fashion. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Reddit is asking which foods have the worst texture and… well, I’m always going to go with raisins but also I eat everything, including chicken feet and liver and kidney and, like I said, everything, so many of you don’t trust my opinion, if you’re the sort of person who thinks chicken feet are gross. Which they are not. They are delicious. (Pajiba)

Oh I think I just found my new favourite podcast, hosted by Kim Chi and Jon Kung and, well, I can’t lie – 75% of the reason is because Jon Kung is SO HOT. (Eater)