Brendan Fraser was a big deal in the 1990s and a slightly less big deal in the 2000s and then he sort of disappeared and then we found out that was GOING THROUGH IT! And now, Brendan Fraser is BACK, baby! He is DINING OUT on role after role these days, working with everyone from Simon Beaufoy and Danny Boyle to Steven Soderbergh to Darren Aronofsky to Martin ScorSAYSAY! He is in every auteur’s new movie, and he is also in Doom Patrol, a good DC show you’re not watching on HBO Max! I am very excited about the Brendanaissance because I love The Mummy and Rick O’Connell is an ICON! 


The latest news is that Brendan Fraser will play a villain in Batgirl! That villain could be Firefly! Brendan Fraser is not known for playing villains, but he is a more versatile actor than his leading-man days ever acknowledged! I am sorry he had to GO THROUGH IT, but I am LIVING in this age of Brendan Fraser, Character Actor! He is Very Compelling! Are all the Nineties heartthrobs more interesting as character actors: discuss! There is nothing more to say except that Brendan Fraser keeps winning because that’s what icons DO! 

(Lainey: this post is the most exclamations I’ve ever seen Sarah use! EVER!)