Brian Austin Green confirmed yesterday that he and Megan Fox have separated. It’s their second separation. Megan filed for divorce in 2014 but then they reconciled and had another baby. Recently there’s been speculation about them being over for weeks as they’ve been seen separately during lockdown. And she was also spotted with Machine Gun Kelly. So Brian explained it all on his podcast Context yesterday. By explaining, I mean he went into a surprising amount of detail about their relationship. 


Brian clarified that he and Megan split at the end of last year, after she came home from shooting a movie – per PEOPLE:

“The Anger Management star explained that he started to feel distant from Fox late last year when she left the country to film Midnight in the Switchgrass with Machine Gun Kelly, 30, explaining that "things hadn’t really changed" when his wife returned home from the shoot.

Green said he gave Fox a few weeks "to recoup a little bit and get back into life" before having a heart-to-heart discussion about their marriage.

"She said, 'I realized when I was out of the country working alone that I feel more like myself and I liked myself better during that experience and I think that might be something worth trying for me,'" he recalled what Fox told him during the conversation.

"I was shocked and I was upset about it but I can’t be upset at her because she didn’t ask to feel that way," Green explained. "It wasn’t a choice she made, that’s the way she honestly felt. We talked about it a little more and said let’s separate for a bit… and so we did."

I guess it stuck, because he went on to say that they still care about each other and will always be family and look out for their kids and didn’t rule out another reconciliation because you can’t predict what might happen but that for now, they’re apart. But there’s more. 


He even talked about how Megan and Machine Gun Kelly aren’t the “villains” here and that there was no “cheating”. Which I guess kinda confirms that Megan and MGK are together now? 

This is next level conscious uncoupling, non? It’s one thing to stay amicable, it’s another to put the name of your wife’s new lover in your mouth and send it out as an endorsement, holy sh-t. 

But this has probably been a long time coming, obviously, since they broke up a few years ago. Megan was only 18 years old when they started. It’s not realistic these days for civilians to stay with the one they’re in love with at 18, let alone for celebrities. Brian acknowledged as much himself a few days ago, on her birthday: 

OK. Is he really this chill? How is he this chill? 


As for Megan and Machine Gun Kelly – in March he was dating model Sommer Ray. The Daily Mail has photos of the kissing at a mall in March. A month later though, in April, he tweeted that she broke up with him on his birthday:

But only after she tweeted about staying away from “half ass things”.

So if MGK and Megan Fox were filming last year and she broke up with Brian Austin Green at the end of last year but MGK had a girlfriend in the early part of the year and now she and MGK are together now… 

Is this going to be messy? It already seems kinda complicated. Except for Brian. Brian seems like he’s the least complicated in all of this – at least from the outside. 

Attached - Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, and Machine Gun Kelly seen separately over the last few days in LA.