If you’ll recall, I was not impressed with the set photos from Captain Marvel, showing intergalactic superhero Carol Danvers in some budget green space suit. Carol Danvers has been around since the 1960s, and in 2012 she got an upgrade (courtesy writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artists Dexter Soy and Emma Rios) which included a new red, blue, and gold suit. That suit became instantly iconic—the gold star has been spotted on signs at various marches in recent years, and Olympic skier Mikaela Shiffrin has a practice suit inspired by the redesign. What I’m saying is, the red, blue, and gold is Captain Marvel’s Look. It’s what we’re here for.

AND IT IS HERE FOR US. Entertainment Weekly has first-look photos of Brie Larson suited and booted as Carol Danvers and she is in glorious red, blue, and gold. I LOVE THIS SUIT. This is EXACTLY what I wanted Carol to look like—cool, powerful, and like she can actually move around in that suit. I love how functional and even comfortable it looks. This is a still photo and she looks f*cking awesome. I love the suit and I love the power flare around her fists. Carol comes with a cavalcade of powers—so many, Marvel can pick and choose which ones they want to use—but her core power set is all energy related. She can fly, sure, and she’s super strong, but her real element is raw energy. She has laser hands, and she can absorb and redirect energy (so even if you do land a hit, you’re only charging her up). I like that flare around her fists because it looks like solar flare. Carol is so connected to space, I’ve been low key hoping the live-action concept for her power is something that looks like stellar energy. WHICH THIS DOES. You guys, I am SO excited by this. This character look is so good I’m starting to buy into Brie Larson as Carol. 

But wait there’s more! The first-look also includes photos of Gemma Chan as an alien sniper, Minn-Erva (she’s of the Kree which we’re getting to know in Captain Marvel and they all have dumb names, so brace yourself). There is also Jude Law as Mar-Vell—see, dumb names—who is Carol’s mentor and on-again/off-again situation, and Ben Mendelsohn as the bad guy; Djimon Honsou and Lee Pace are back, and oh look, Young Nick Fury. AND ALSO A RAMBEAU. The moment this movie was announced an echo of “But what about Monicaaaaa” could be heard across the internet. Monica Rambeau is Carol’s best friend and a badass superhero in her own right. Captain Marvel being a prequel to the MCU, we’re meeting Lashana Lynch as MARIA Rambeau, who is clearly Monica’s mother. So Monica Rambeau is coming. 

This first look is incredibly promising, especially given how awesome Brie Larson looks. I’ve heard she’s really feeling herself in this role, and she has been involved with this production beyond showing up to read lines. The best Marvel movies result from actors who advocate for their characters, and by all accounts Larson has taken up the mantle with pride. Her enthusiasm is making me enthusiastic, I’m not gonna lie. Every “Brie did this” story makes me smile a little bigger. Now we just have to see how it all comes together in motion when we get the first trailer. That should be along soon-ish, and in the meantime, I am ready to go higher, further, faster, more with Captain Marvel.