Didn’t take long for the British tabloids to get back on their f-cksh-t with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as everyone continues to be obsessed with playing Where’s Kate Waldo? 


The big story this week, perhaps even bigger than the Oscars, has been about Princess Kate’s Mother’s Day photo and her “admission” that she edited the shot. Everything about this latest debacle, on top of several other debacles, has been bizarre – from the image itself to her unprecedented apology. It has been an extraordinary series of events from an institution that abhors drama, an institution that was thought to have been banking so much of their future on the woman they just sold out. 


So, like clockwork, the British tabloids have decided that the only way to protect their future Queen and save her from this predicament is to throw another woman under the bus, the same woman they’ve been hanging out to dry now for years: Meghan Markle. 

To deflect from the accusations that Kate photoshopped her family photo, the UK Sun and the Daily Mail are now accusing Harry and Meghan of doing the same with their second pregnancy announcement and the photo taken by good friend and photographer Misan Harriman. Here’s the headline: 

The Daily Mail's headline about Meghan Markle 

Over the last few months, as Kate has mysteriously remained out of the public eye, the British tabloids, who can never resist blowing up a mystery, have not been as… um… intrusive as they ordinarily would if it were literally anyone else, but especially Meghan. Suddenly the British papers are choosing to be “respectful” of Her Highness’s privacy and health concerns, lol, forgetting that this was never their position with all other women in the public eye and also civilian victims of hate crimes – basically any and everyone they’ve ever covered. 

But their protection of Kate hasn’t worked. The entire world is fixated on whatever the f-ck is happening at Kensington Palace and it’s getting harder and harder for even the most royalist of royalists to rationalise the chaos that we’ve seen play out this year at Kensington Palace. 

The tabloids’ solution then is to suggest that Kate’s just doing what Meghan has always done: altering photos; unfortunately for them, just as there were receipts to prove that Kate, or someone on behalf of Kate, was editing her photo, there are receipts to prove that Harry and Meghan’s photo is legit. 


And Misan Harriman, the photographer, just dropped them, releasing a video correcting the situation and also the original shot that he took of Harry and Meghan, from an iPad. Both the video and the original photo are embedded below. 

Now, suddenly, the Daily Mail’s dumbass defence of Kate has blown up in their faces. Not only are they being called out by Misan, who is demanding a retraction and an apology, Misan has also done what Kensington Palace refuses to do: he dropped the original.

Kate has admitted that her photo was doctored – which means that there is an original lying around …and Kensington Palace has emphatically refused to let people see it. Misan has been able to prove his, and Harry and Meghan’s innocence… WITH VISUALS which makes it that much more uncomfortable – and it was already f-cking uncomfortable! – for Kensington Palace! 


So the Daily Mail’s strategy here has backfired. They just made a horrible situation even worse. 

I go back, then, to the question I’ve been screaming into the void for years: WHYYYYYY does the British royal family continue working with these motherf-ckers, staying in bed with them, when they are in fact more of a liability than they are an asset?! Why, at this point, are they still so resistant to cutting them loose? They are NOT helping. There is NO advantage. Even when the Sun and the Daily Mail resisted jumping on the Where’s Kate, What’s Wrong With Kate storyline, it didn’t prevent social media from running wild ass crazy with the conspiracy theories and the negative narrative. Associating with them, then, is HURTING them. 

But of course they’re too incompetent and too f-cking arrogant to see it, to accept it, and to move on from it. Which is why inadvertently a story that they were hoping would go away or die down a little bit just got even more inflamed. 



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