It hasn’t been a good week for Justin Timberlake. Britney Spears’s book is about to come out – and the excerpts haven’t been kind to him. So he’s getting clowned all over social media as people have been revisiting her old songs, her videos, his old interviews… 


And that “source” quote yesterday didn’t help at all

They’ll never admit it but the group chat between him and his press team must be blowing up right now. So what’s the move? Is there a move? Should they even make a move or just lay low and hope for this to pass? 

Well, some of Britney’s fans seem to think that they’ve been trying to move through the algorithm. 


We saw this happen with Johnny Depp and there were several research studies analysing the online activity related to Depp and Amber Heard’s trial that found that bots were employed to turn public opinion against her. We cannot say that this is what’s happening in Justin’s case. There is nothing concrete to suggest that these posts in support of him are the same situation as what happened with Depp and Heard. But it is weird that the wording is so similar and that the messages are being shared and amplified. 

But Britney Spears is not Amber Heard. Britney Spears fans aren’t amateurs. Think about the influence of the Free Britney movement and the momentum they were able to generate, culminating in the end of Britney’s conservatorship. They put energy into freeing Britney FOR YEARS. They were relentless. 


So if there is any bot activity going on to rescue Justin from this mess, that mission is up against formidable force. If you f-ck with Britney, you’re f-cking with Britney Nation. And they are READY to meet whatever bot energy that might be coming for their girl. I don’t know if these JT bots know what they’re up against. 

Right now, really, it’s probably best for him to keep it quiet. No more source leaks or statements, just head down and wait for it to pass. I know a lot of hardcore Britney stans, I work with one of them, and they’re waiting for more bombshells from the book – including what Britney might say about Christina Aguilera. If there’s anything there about Xtina, that’s going to be the next story and JT can hope for a reprieve then.