We don’t see Britney Spears very often anymore on red carpets, at award shows, at major events. Over the last few years, Britney appears to have been able to rebuild a relationship with her fame in a way that works for her. And the results have been largely positive. She’s pretty active on social media, posting consistently on Instagram – and not just promotional posts either. Many of her posts are pure personality – she’s sensitive at times, silly at others, and vain too. There is the occasional inspirational quote. Her kids show up. She’s working out A LOT. And there’s her boyfriend, of over a year now, Sam Asghari: 


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Sam was with Britney last night at the Hollywood Beauty Awards where her fragrance, Fantasy In Bloom, was named Fragrance of the Year. Here’s what she said in her acceptance speech:


Next year? Well the new fragrance is called Sunset Fantasy, and she’s launched over 20 of them. Britney’s scents make a LOT of money. And her tour this summer will probably make a lot of money. She’s taking the Piece Of Me show through July and August across the US and select stops in Europe to celebrate the end of her Las Vegas residency. It’s been four years, over a million tickets sold, 250 shows at $450K per show. There are no plans yet for what Britney will do once Piece Of Me wraps. But there has already been speculation that another Vegas deal is possible. Last year was the 10th anniversary of her Blackout album. This year is the 10th anniversary of the Circus album. Womanizer is 10 years old in September! Where did it go?!