Britney Spears’s memoir will be released in the fall and will no doubt be a bestseller. The source here is Page Six and they were the ones who first reported on Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, and that he would be working with JR Moehringer so I’m more inclined to believe this than if it were to have come from the Sun or the Daily Mail. Britney’s ghostwriter is supposedly journalist Sam Lansky. We’ve had Sam on The Social before and he’s delightful so that’s another bonus for this project, if Sam is indeed the one working with Britney on it. (Dlisted) 


I am already obsessed with SZA’s “Kill Bill” and I love her feature on Doja Cat’s “Kiss Me More” (all on my tongue, I want it!) so obviously I’m all about the “Kill Bill” remix ft Doja Cat that just dropped today. Big weekend energy. (PopSugar) 

Katie Holmes covers Glamour and I really like the styling here. Hair and makeup is gorgeous. Also I’m pretty sure we don’t have any footwear issues with any of the outfits because lately her own footwear choices have been baffling. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Cardi B says she works out for two hours a day and stretches for an hour and I would like to know what qualifies as “working out” for two hours because for example, I average between 90 minutes to two hours of “working out” but I count walking as working out. For example, if I go for a 90 minute to two hour walk, I’m calling that a workout because my Apple watch counts it as a workout, LOL. So is this what we’re talking about? Sometimes I’ll do an hour walk and 30 minutes of weights and I’m counting that as one and a half hours of working out a day. Is this what Cardi is talking about? As for the stretching? Maximum 20 minutes for me, sometimes 30 if the NYT Spelling Bee has me stumped. (Cele|bitchy) 

I have not yet read this article. But I have read the title and I’m all in. “Outsourcing my orgasm” – I need to know more. (The Cut)