I posted earlier this week about Bryce Dallas Howard and her wardrobe on the Argylle press tour – which has been outstanding. And it hasn’t stopped. Here are two looks from yesterday, the first is a green sweater and skirt set that’s, well, giving Argylle. It’s perfect. So pretty next to her hair, and cozy, too. 


But contrast that with the marigold dress she wore that’s ruched through the body with asymmetrical shoulders – it’s spectacular on her, and my God, I have to go back to the hair because her hair right now, with those layers, and all that body… she looks like she is feeling herself – and she should be because it’s been banger after banger. Including this sparkly cardigan over jeans that she wore on The Tonight Show:


So credit to her publicist, Alex Schack, who’s been putting all this together. And you will note, I said publicist and not stylist because, as Bryce has said in the past, the whole sample size thing just became such a bummer on these occasions so she’s chosen a different styling process, telling InStyle a couple of years ago that

"I worked really close with my publicist, Alex Schack, because she's the first person that really empowered me to do that because she saw I wasn't fitting into the clothes that were being loaned to me. Because at that point, there were only sample sizes available. And she was like, 'Let's not play this game. Let's not. Let's choose a different path.' And so, it's really fun because it's us texting each other, constantly being like, 'What do you think of this? What do you think of that?'"


What we all think of this and that is… keep going, Bryce and Alex. Keep the streak going! 

But it’s not just clothing style for Bryce right now, it’s also home style. Her upstate New York home has been featured in Architectural Digest and it is SO HER. This is not my taste but I can appreciate how well it suits her taste, her vibe, her energy. 


It’s adorable – all that mint green and pink and, like, I’m not one to lose it over a kitchen stove but that range is insane:


The full video is below if you want to check out the whole house, including the Wes Anderson room. It’s Jurassic money well spent!