And now for the biggest news of the week so far… BTS ON ELLEN! Our new fave boyband has commenced their plan for world domination. First stop was the American Music Awards. Lainey and I both decided to give up our lives and devote them to the ARMY after their AMA performance. Next up, it was Jimmy Kimmel. Yesterday, BTS took over The Ellen Degeneres show. There are few things that could keep Lainey from obsessing over a BTS appearance with me and yesterday, that thing was a royal engagement. Otherwise, she’d be yelling at me that Jungkook and/or V deserve our attention more than RM. Please. This is RM’s show. Aside from the unfortunate fact that he used to go by the name Rap Monster, he is the Beyoncé. Let’s fight. 

RM is the only member fluent in English but that’s not the reason he’s the group’s standout. Look at that hair. And the smile! And the way he can tell an anecdote about learning to speak English by watching Friends and land the punchline. It’s adorable. He’s a star. I am Team RM. If there are t-shirts, I will buy several. 


In the clip, V has a brief moment to shine when Ellen asks a seminal boy band question: have they ever hooked up with a fan? V hesitates before he definitively says, “NO.” It’s a cute moment but V still hasn’t won me over yet. Jimin’s face is BEAUTIFUL and I just want to stare at it all day but I’ve decided that my second favourite member is currently Suga (these names are killing me). Through a translator, Suga talked about how their music transcends language. That is the beauty of BTS isn’t it? In all of the bullsh-t of 2017, BTS has proven that teen fandom can surpass borders; that hormones are universal and that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from… as long as you love me. Sorry, wrong boy band. 


It will never get old that millions of screaming North American girls know every single lyric of a song in Korean. It shouldn’t be so rare to see millions of girls around the world revering Asian men (boys?) as sex symbols but it is. I hope we never get cynical about how special it is that most of the members of the most famous boy band on the planet don’t speak English. And I hope it becomes less of a rarity. 
Please watch BTS perform Mic Drop on Ellen, provoke instant hysteria and bring me so much joy. Finally, I want to thank K-Pop for bringing dancing back to boy bands. F-ck the One Direction era of sittings on stools and brooding during performances. Long may BTS reign.