What did I tell you last week when I posted about Camila Cabello being papped while on the phone, assuring us that she and Shawn Mendes were still together? I wrote that Shawn was on break from his tour soon and that we’d be imminently getting another relationship update - with fresh photos. And it happened on schedule. 

Camila and Shawn were courtside in LA last night to watch the Clippers and Raptors. Makes sense - Shawn’s from Toronto and this game was high profile: Kawhi Leonard’s first against his former team after winning a championship for the city. The Clippers came out on top against a Raptor side dealing with injuries to two top players. Not sure if Camila and Shawn noticed though because, well, it was a LOT. I guess because they missed each other so much...is the reading from the most uncynical of observers. 

But putting your romance on display courtside in LA is a Hollywood celebrity couple rite of passage, non? And it’s the one thing that doesn’t seem to have gone off trend. The Ivy has gone off trend (some of you are too young to remember The Ivy) and Kitson too and the pumpkin patch pap walk is reserved for lower level celebrity thirst now. But courtside seems to be timeless, like a classic quilted Chanel bag - because both are practically unaffordable. Lunch at The Ivy, while stupidly expensive for the quality of food, is not out of reach. Kitson sold items under $50 and, besides, it was free to go there. There was no price of admission. Courtside seats anywhere but especially in LA are a mortgage payment, if not more. Clippers tickets used to be slightly less than the Lakers but not anymore since Kawhi and his claw came to town. 


Beyoncé and Jay-Z are often seen courtside. Even private ass Leonardo DiCaprio has been courtside with his at-the-time bonafide...twice! First with Gisele Bundchen:


And then with Bar Rafaeli:


Of course Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have loved each other courtside too:


There are so many more examples. And now it’s Camila and Shawn’s turn. What I’m trying to say is this: for sure they’re thirsty and yeah, I can see why there are doubts about whether or not they are legit. But showing up courtside doesn’t prove or disprove it. Courtside romance has been happening forever, since way before their time, and it will continue well after.