What does it take to believe something? This, for our purposes here, is about celebrity but it’s a question we’re all wrestling with beyond Hollywood. In Hollywood though, it’s fascinating to me what take to be the truth and what we doubt. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been consistently insisting that they’re not involved – and those denials have only convinced people even more that they are. Meanwhile, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes aren’t denying anything…and, hilariously, almost no one thinks they’re legit. 

Is that reverse psychology? 

Anyway, Shawn’s been on tour and it’s been weeks since the two have been sighted together. Last week at a Q&A he confirmed for fans when they started dating (July 4th) and this week, as Camila’s in LA, and the paps were around, they FaceTimed each other, while the paps were photographing her, and she even bantered a bit with the photographers while still on with Shawn. 

Did you get the message? 

Did the message punch you in the face? 

Whether you believe it or not, please know that Camila and Shawn want you to know that they are still in love. And they will be reunited soon. Shawn’s in New Zealand until Saturday and then he has almost three weeks until he resumes the tour in Brasil at the end of the month, after American Thanksgiving. So… maybe there will be new photos next week? Or will they actually keep the reunion quiet?