Cinderella 2021, starring Camila Cabello as Cinderella and Billy Porter as the fairy godperson and so many other stars, including James Corden because I guess you can’t make a musical these days without him, premieres on Prime Video on Friday. The premiere was last night. 


This is a modern re-telling of the story we all know and our current Cinderella is an emerging fashion designer who has career aspirations, looking for more in life than just true love and a prince. I’ve not seen any clips other than the trailer and…well… I don’t think it’s going to be all that good. But as Kathleen and I just exchanged over text, we will be watching the sh-t out of it. This is exactly what I want out of my home viewing experience on a Friday night of a long weekend. Pop a gummy, put on a face mask, park myself on the couch, and it’s two hours of looking at pretty shiny things and people and getting lost in the fantasy. 

Will the movie be terrible? Possibly, I guess, by snobby cinephile standards, sure. But also, as we’ve seen, some terrible movies in the moment become beloved movies later, depending on the generation. Example? Every teen and rom-com movie made in the 90s and 2000s. And yet these are the movies that so many of us come back to again and again. Like…The Sweetest Thing, lol, starring Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, and Christina Applegate. Critics hated it. I don’t think I was all that impressed the first time I saw it. But has that stopped me from watching it over and over again? Of course not. I LOVE IT. 


That doesn’t mean Cinderella 2021 will be The Sweetest Thing, I’m just saying some movies that get sh-tty reviews aren’t unwatchable. Pretty sure I can say right now, not having seen it, that I’ll find Cinderella a lot more watchable than Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. I said what I said. 

Here are Camila and Billy and the cast on the carpet last night. As usual, Billy’s outfit is fire, and I f-cking love the white skirt and the boots. I quite like Camila’s look for her too. Because of the occasion. It’s Cinderella. Of course there has to be some sparkle. Of course there has to be some flouff. She’s giving her Cinderella an edge though, with all that black and the boots. And some culture too with the way her hair has been styled. 


Earlier in the day, Camila was seen at lunch with friends, and stepped away for a Skype call with Shawn Mendes. I’m actually surprised they didn’t do this premiere together because it’s not like they’re averse to it. Scheduling, probably. And maybe the issue is that they didn’t want their relationship to be the focus of this event, although there’s a counter argument there that that’s exactly the kind of publicity they’d want. 

Then again, there was already a Prince Charming on the carpet, played by Nicholas Galitzine. Back to what I was saying about terrible movies being watchable and rom-coms that aren’t well-reviewed but still embraced by the culture – you need a swoony lead. That’ll be one of the tests of Cinderella too: is Nicholas going to bring the swoon?