As I’ve mentioned, I typically don’t include models in fashion posts – especially not at the Met Gala – because, well, it’s not that hard, you know? They can wear almost anything. Cara Delevingne could have worn anything. And that’s why she’s the Outfit of the Week. Because she went with a top hat and tails and, MY GOD, it’s so good, so f-cking good, how can you ignore it? 

Even my friend Danielle Graham, who lives on the opposite side of the fashion spectrum than I do (Danielle’s style is all about more tits and tight, tight, tight) texted me this morning about Cara’s tuxedo. With praise. This tuxedo stands out among all the women’s tuxedos we’ve seen. Those tails, of course. The short waist, of course. That cummerbund! It’s making me wet. And a tie to finish it all off. Well, no. The top hat to finish it all off…

Not to mention that there are some fusty-ass old-timers who still don’t accept women in pants at church. Trust me, they’re out there. Princess Kate, for example, were she to wear pants in church it would be a whole f-cking national crisis. This is probably never going to happen. Cara, of course, doesn’t have to worry about that sh-t. She’d be the one to tell OfMichael to f-ck herself at the reception if that woman got in her way.  


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