Despite picking up six BAFTA nominations, Andrew Haigh’s All of Us Strangersone of my best films of the year—was shutout of nominations at the Oscars. 2023 was a good year in film, and there were never going to be enough spots to recognize all the deserving films at the Oscars, but I think this is one of those things that will age badly. Strangers has cult favorite all over it, and Andrew Haigh is one of those filmmakers whose work ages incredibly well. 


He has this in common with Todd Haynes, in some ways his American counterpart, as they both are stellar filmmakers who make stellar films that often get overlooked by the Academy. Haigh’s only film to be nominated thus far is a Best Actress nod for Charlotte Rampling in 45 Years, and though Haynes has directed several films that have earned Oscar nominations, including Far From Heaven and Carol, he himself has only been nominated once. (ONCE!)


Here is Haigh, along with Paul Mescal, Andrew Scott, and Claire Foy, last night at the London premiere of Strangers, which opens in the UK this weekend. Mescal has been filming Gladiator 2 since the strike ended last November, so he missed much of Strangers’ press and awards run, but now all you Mescal-heads can enjoy him. I, personally, am enjoying Andrew Scott’s pink blazer and wondering how cold Claire Foy is (their co-star Jamie Bell is the only person missing from the picture). With the film coming out in Europe now, and with only a couple major award shows left for Team Strangers—the BAFTAs and Independent Spirit Awards—enjoy Mescal, Scott & Co. while you can.