The European premiere of Barbie happened last night in London followed by a photo call at the London Eye – and this just may be one of the last promotional events we’ll be seeing in a while, because SAG-AFTRA is about to vote on a strike and that’s looking like it’s just a formality. A strike means no red carpets, no premieres, no junkets, no Comic-Con, no awards shows, obviously no filming, no voiceovers…


Actors instead will be picketing, they’re saying that will start as early as today, and it’s probably going to be a big crowd: 

I mention this because the Oppenheimer premiere is/was scheduled for London today. Given the time difference, and when the union votes at 9am PT, it’ll be 5pm in London when the SAG-AFTRA board convenes so they’ve actually moved up the start time to 445pm in London to pull the premiere off on a time technicality. So we’ll be getting premiere photos of Christopher Nolan and the cast at the same time as we’ll be getting photos of their peers on the picket line. Once the strike vote is official, the Oppenheimer New York premiere, which was supposed to be on Monday July 17, will likely not happen. 


As for Barbie, the schedule worked out so that most of their major events are complete. And they capped it off with a bang last night in London with Margot Robbie shutting it down as Enchanted Evening Barbie from 1960, curiously the same year that the actors and the writers were last on strike at the same time – coincidence or conspiracy?

It was a double corset night for Margot because for the photo call at the London Eye, she changed into a very short, very tight, very excellent red dress: 


America Ferrera also wore red to the London Eye – for this dress, the party is at the back: 

America Ferrera attends the "Barbie" VIP Photocall at The London Eye on July 12, 2023 in London, England

Like Margot, this was America’s second look. For the premiere, she looked gorgeous in a black sparkly gown: 


And it was two for Issa Rae too. Pink at the premiere and a showstopping green feathered cocktail for the London Eye – this dress is glorious! 

Issa Rae attends the "Barbie" VIP Photocall at The London Eye on July 12, 2023 in London, England

As for Dua Lipa, seems like she was only at the premiere since I don’t see any shots of her with the group at the London Eye. Here’s London Barbie though in the most exquisite Versace. Flip through the carousel to see the details. 


And then the Kens. I like the mint green suit that Ryan Gosling had on but, really, it’s kinda the same vibes as all the pastel suits he’s been wearing. Simu Liu, however, brought out a different drip – and the guns. This is Fendi, it looks SO good on him, and I appreciate the variety in the fits. 

Not that it’s a competition but there is a Ken beach-off that happens in the movie (we saw it in the trailer) and while we don’t know who wins at the beach, we can say that Simu Ken wins the runway. 

There are a lot of photos attached below. Please click through to see them all.